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spotted: magis annett office chair
Ever since I had an office, I have always been on the lookout for a modern office chair available locally. It always failed me, either the design is not modern enough or not unique enough or the piece was just made in China. 

I already have two offices now and coincidentally, both my office chairs are vintage pieces as I truly cannot find a modern piece perfect for my own use. One sourced locally at The Drawing Room, an Eames original 50s Office staff chair and the other from Singapore another vintage piece from a few decades ago, an Arne Jacobsen Oxford chair in original purple upholstery. 

In recent years, the choices for good modern office chairs are much better now. One of these is from Magis, perhaps not designed by a celebrity designer but the piece is looking smart and handsome. It is the Annett Office Chair. This pieces reminds me of Herman Miller's Aeron Chair but simpler and less complicated. I like. I tried it on and it was comfortable. The price is not that bad for a designer piece made in Italy at Php55,950.00. Some of you might think it is still too expensive but it is cheap when you compare it to Vitra's Meda Chair by one my fave designers Alberto Meda at more than a hundred thousand!

Available at Dimensione.

spotted: vintage islamic fabric

Last summer, I had a short trip to Davao with friends. We went to this pasalubong center where one could buy anything from Mindanao. I can be wrong but I keep on getting confused whether it is Advingkula or Aldevinco Center. Haha. 

Anyway, I was actually interested to look out for some nice graphic Mindanaoan fabrics. Something I can frame or something like it. I am really into fabrics...and finally at a store in the midst of the search, I found some really interesting color combinations. The quality of the fabric and its embroidery(?) were good. Fabrics can really inspire and provokes one's thoughts...

I wanted to this home but the price kept me at bay. Later I was told it was expensive because it was vintage and original. Dating back to the early 1900s at least. Well, that is according to the store's SAs. 

Nevertheless, what I can take home was these photos. Still, I am inspired. 

want of the moment #18 - the fluoro bag

Ever since I saw the Jack Light years ago. I was drawn to it. The simplicity of the design and how a simple "jack stone" can become a nice accent lighting. Plus, the fluoro orange color made it even more attractive. 

At that time, I wanted to know who designed it. After some quick research, I then knew Tom Dixon. And I have been a fan since. I am still hoping to own that Jack Light soon enough. 

Problem is, Tom Dixon is still not represented here in the Philippines. I have heard from Megamax Concepts that they are bringing the brand in but nothing concrete yet. But this space is worth checking out. I seriously cannot wait for Tom Dixon to be readily available here!

Anyhow, that is my short story with how I got to know his designs. Fast forward to 2011, I have used his lights on one project and I am super happy with it. The closest thing to owning one of his pieces is specifying them on my projects. 

And just a few days ago, I saw Wallpaper retweeted Tom Dixon's limited run of a bag called the Fluoro Bag and in Dixon's ubiquitous orange. I like. So I instantly tweeted to my brother who is currently based in UK if he can order it for me. With no reply nor acknowledgement, I thought he would send me a message in a day or two. But instead, in a day or two, I got an email from him sending the details of the order and delivery! What a quick want and then having it in days time...even faster than actually blogging about it. Fun. I can't wait for the bag to get here. 

Best of all, the bag only costs less than twenty British Pounds! Now I finally own a piece of Tom Dixon! Haha.

Here are the details of the bag taken from the Tom Dixon website

Exclusively available online in partnership with Blackberry, the Tom Dixon Fluoro Bag is made from durable PVC in our signature fluoro orange. The bag features an extra long strap allowing it to be worn across the shoulder and a large front pocket.

spotted: the spun chair

The Spun Chair is STILL available at Dimensione! I am sure you have seen or heard about this chair from everywhere. 

This is designed by famous industrial designer, Thomas Heatherwick. It should sound familiar as he design the British Pavilion in last year's Shanghai World Expo. The thousands and thousands of needle-like three-dimensional facade. Love that. 

But since having a piece of that is truly expensive, one way to have a piece of his work is by having this Spun Chair. A conversation piece at that. And it will spark anyone from children to adults wanting or figuring how you will sit on it. Is it safe? Will i topple over? Is it balanced? Questions fill your head. I love this game of though the designer gives us. It is not just a chair. 

I would love to buy one but I do not have space anymore! One of the best things I like about this chair too is its material. It is made of plastic fantastic. So it can be placed in the midst of your garden like functional art. Whirl around and see the greens at 360 degrees floating. 

Get one for your garden at less than Php30,000 at Dimensione. Quite affordable for a designer chair with such design. Go for it!

the dining table at house no5
Remember House No5

Well, it has been finished for almost half a year now but I have just taken photos of the house and some of the interiors recently. 

I will be highlighting the interiors and architecture one by one as this has been one of the biggest residential projects to date and one of the most memorable. I shall start with the dining table as I have shown to you the making of the table itself month back. The leggy table. 


This dining area is one of my favorites. Having high "kabisera" chairs by Philippe Starck for Driade (fit for a modern day king and queen) with almost a dozen Tom Dixon Mirror Ball drop iights and ten Miss Lacy chairs, these alone make a powerful statement. The dining table of solid wood with no cuts and joints sourced from an old house in the North complete the set of the different textures and finishes of the furniture and fittings. 

I have always wanted to show texture from architecture to interiors. This is no exception. I used mirror-finish glass above with the Miss Lacy steel chairs complementing it. The addition of smooth naturally sanded wood gives warmth to the otherwise glossy chairs and lamps. And who would not include plastic? For the end chairs having high back encloses the otherwise open dining area which freely connects to the foyer and living areas. 


My client has graciously invited me together with friends and my family as a small toast to the new house. Lovely dinner with sumptuous food. It was just the perfect setting of wonderful dinner party. 


Now I want the entire thing for my future house(?!?!?!). Haha. 

under construction: mags
This post may be so delayed but last month, Ayala malls have finally opened its first mall in Mindanao at Davao with Abreeza. Unfortunately, Davao got their first Ayala than Cagayan de Oro. Haha. However, Cagayan will have theirs pretty soon. 

With the new mall, I was blessed enough to design four establishments there. A clothing brand from Cebu, Cagayan and Davao, as well as a homegrown restaurant from Cagayan de Oro. 

One of the clothing stores whom I have designed for the past years and perhaps the very first boutique I have designed is Mags. Mags was one of the first tenants in Lim Ket Kai Mall to invest in good design for commercial store interiors. Having done several stores with a similar design, it was time for a change. And though the people at Davao may have seen the final finished look, I still have not! I was at Abreeza two days before the opening and was not able to visit thereafter since so I only got a few detail shots during the mayhem of rushing the opening two days after. 

The highlight of the store's design is the dramatic ceiling with thin panels of gold and bronze swirl around to the lowest point at the center of the store where matching metallic platforms in slender discs and steel rods. 

I certainly could not wait to see the final result soon. I better schedule a trip to Davao soon. 

For those in Davao, Mags is located at the 3rd Floor of Abreeza Mall.

space magazine's a-list issue
I have been wanting to blog about this ever since I got my copy but somehow my busy schedule at work stopped me until now. On to my third morning of the holy holidays, I have all the time to relax and unwind. Part of it with blogging as I have blogged the past hours.

Ever since I attended the launch of this magazine called Space two years ago which I have blogged about before, I have noticed some changes with the format and title...from Space Beyond Luxury to Space Design + Travel. I personally think it is a better title and more interesting than the previous name. 

With it, comes change as well with content and layout of course. It became much much more coherent with today's trends in design, architecture and interiors. And of course, about travel too. 

Recently, I was honored to be part of their 11 designers to watch for the year 2011. The experience I received for the feature was surreal. Apart from pure professionalism during the shoot for all of us designers late last year, the photo shoot was a really nice experience to have. I personally met and was introduced with the most famous furniture designer in the Philippines, Kenneth Cobonpue, of course, he lead the entire pack to guide us through to the industry. 

I felt ecstatic to have finally met personally Kenneth Cobonpue. I have used and specified his pieces with much admiration. I was also able to see how photo shoots work especially that we had our shoot at no other than the Mini Cooper showroom. 

We were assigned to a particular model/car of the Mini Cooper. My shot also featured my Mon Monogram Louis Vuitton Keepall. Unfortunately, my initials were not seen clearly. Nevertheless, it was nice to have seen a bag from my collection in a magazine!


My page shows a variety of projects I have done from a house on a cliff a Cebu, Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin's Mini Day Spa and MIssy Bon Bon's sun room. 


Space this times comes with interesting features. Makes it so much worth it. A variety of chairs were made for choices and even Salon de Ning was featured. 

Go grab your copy soon, I think the circulation will be up to end of the month due to its quarterly issues. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Space group! It was my honor to be part of this list. 

travel companion 2

On a recent flight to Manila, I got lucky enough to fly business courtesy of my client via Philippine Airlines. My airline of choice whenever I travel around Philippines and the region. It was also a perfect flight as we were taking the last flight out of Cagayan de Oro which one would witness the sun setting across the horizon at 33,000 feet. I hardly takea window seat but since I was on business and that it was just two passengers myself included, I had the entire row to myself. 

A small meal was served and as usual, PAL's food on business is always good. It never failed me whenever I fly Mabuhay Class. 

And my travel companion for the flight is the Goyard Comores in navy blue. 


I sat and enjoyed the meal against the breathtaking sunset outside the window. Bliss. 


salon de ning experience
Salon de Ning is one of the newer night spots in the Philippines, located at Manila Peninsula. I have heard a lot about it from my friends, from twitter and all over the magazines. Aside from wanting to see the crowd there, I was more intrigued with its interiors. Several magazines have also featured the designs and I wanted to see it for myself. 

The interiors is indeed exquisite, using Filipino craftsmanship at its best with ceiling treatments. The use of shells makes it so Filipino and yet the overall effect and form makes it so fancy and modern at the same time. I really love it when the materials are indigenous and the effect is non-traditional. 

Apart from the classy ceiling, there are several "salons" or semi-private areas for lounging which was all full when we got there. Each room has different themes. Unfortunately, I could not explore these areas as these were all occupied. We were able to seat dear the King Kong area where there is a mock model of the best art deco building in New York, the Chrysler building on one wall. Seats were also of the era. Interesting ambiance indeed. 

The crowd I have to say (at least during that night) was perhaps a generation older than me. Not what I expected but nevertheless, the interiors and yes, the drinks made the place really memorable. 

starbucks cagayan de oro
Starbucks has finally opened in Mindanao with its first branch at Cagayan de Oro and here's some good souvenir of the city with its known white water rafting adventure. Not bad for a souvenir especially for Starbucks fanatics. 

Davao will follow soon with its Abreeza branch. 



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