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I think it is befitting to use the fireworks display photo from this year's Olympics at London. Grabbed it from a video supplied by the Guardian (I think). As it welcomes everyone for the opening of this year's sporting event, it also welcomes me back from hibernation.

Uhm, not exactly hibernating but have been busy and soaked with all the drawings to be edited and submitted over the last eight months. I did not even have the time to blog. I miss blogging and there may be times I won't blog for so long (like now), it does not mean I don't want to write anymore. I still want. I enjoy doing it. As much as I enjoy teaching. But that I had to stop due to my unending travel between my two offices...yes, I now officially have two offices. Legit. As in with business permit and all.

So is shall welcome myself to my blog once again like the Olympics where it comes back after so many years. Mine after so many months. Haha.

A lot needs to be talked about but I will try to get back to those when I can. But for now, let's talk about the present.

Armed with an iPad now, I hope I can blog more often.


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