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spotted: magis annett office chair
Ever since I had an office, I have always been on the lookout for a modern office chair available locally. It always failed me, either the design is not modern enough or not unique enough or the piece was just made in China. 

I already have two offices now and coincidentally, both my office chairs are vintage pieces as I truly cannot find a modern piece perfect for my own use. One sourced locally at The Drawing Room, an Eames original 50s Office staff chair and the other from Singapore another vintage piece from a few decades ago, an Arne Jacobsen Oxford chair in original purple upholstery. 

In recent years, the choices for good modern office chairs are much better now. One of these is from Magis, perhaps not designed by a celebrity designer but the piece is looking smart and handsome. It is the Annett Office Chair. This pieces reminds me of Herman Miller's Aeron Chair but simpler and less complicated. I like. I tried it on and it was comfortable. The price is not that bad for a designer piece made in Italy at Php55,950.00. Some of you might think it is still too expensive but it is cheap when you compare it to Vitra's Meda Chair by one my fave designers Alberto Meda at more than a hundred thousand!

Available at Dimensione.


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