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the tobago carryall
The bag that I almost purchased but got sidetracked when I personally saw the Goyard Croisiere for the first time in 2007. Two years later, I found it once again and didn't let my hands off it. Another year and a half has passed and I still enjoy using it with no regrets. 

The Louis Vuitton Tobago Carryall in Yellow. I had to take a photo while I tried sitting on the Annett Chair. Placed it on top of Konstantin Grcic's Table One in black. The lighting was too good. 

I still hope that Louis Vuitton would bring back a piece of Tobago. Just even accessories would be great. I missed the pocket organizer. 

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heya! nice of you to drop a note. thanks. oh, and my search for an ouvea was also long and hard until i came across one. i will let you know if i find one as i don't think i'll be selling mine ever. haha. that is how much i love it! hehehe...anyway, will give you a heads up if ever. :) good luck on your search and i really do hope you get one sooner or later.

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