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it's been a while
It has been seriously a long while since my last blog entry!

I have just gotten more busy with work and extra curricular activities. I will be blogging about them pretty soon. Hopefully, I am allowed some free time from everyone from work to home to blog a few entries here and there. I am also very excited to share with you my guest design editor stint with Space magazine! 

I am also currently working with some new clients whom I hope I can work with more often in the future and of course satisfy them with my designs. 

There is so much in store which I would really like to share very soon. 


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i almost thought you've quite the blog. so happy to see new updates. busy is good. busy means lots of clients. lots of clients will bring you more fame & fortune. fortune = take us shopping! =D

i still love blogging so if i have the chance, i will. :)

thanks. ya, i suppose. thankful na rin. i am being haunted with designer furniture now! i don't know if it is good or bad. better or worse than bags! haha.

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